Jamie’s Italian | Perth CBD

715902-jamie-039-s-italianI was very lucky to be treated to a meal at Jamie’s Italian, Perth.

It was a fantastic birthday present and booked in advance as everyone has to if you want to eat at Jamie’s.
We arrived a few minutes to the packed restaurant and were seated immediately by our very friendly waiter.
He gave us our menus, told us what the evening specials were and took our drinks order. We ordered a bottle of white wine and it was delivered to our table quite promptly… It went down a treat!

There was so much choice on the menu, I can’t imagine anyone going in and not finding something they like. My problem was that I wanted to try so many different things and couldn’t choose one thing for each course!
Our waiter returned to our table with two tins of diced tomatoes and asked if we had been to Jamie’s before. We replied with a ‘no’ and thankfully he explained why he placed them in front of us. We had ordered a plank to start with and the tinned tomatoes were there to elevate the platter on the table…simple but effective!

Shortly after, our Cured Meat Plank ($14.00) arrived stocked with cheese, meat, salad accompanied by the Roasted Squash & Ricotta Bruschetta ($14.00) which we shared and tasted a piece of everything. Everything that sat in front of me was delicious! The Roasted Squash & Ricotta Bruschetta was my favourite. It’s definitely a starter I always hover towards so I was more than happy with that choice!


Our plates were cleared promptly with a little humour from our waiter. We waited patiently for our mains to arrive … The starter left me wanting more!

I’m sure I was beaming when our main courses arrived. We ordered the Veal Flash Steak ($28.50) and Jamie’s Signature Porchetta ($27.00). The presentation was great, as well as the portion size.
The Veal Flash Steak fell apart and no words could fit the flavour… It was simply delectable and I left nothing behind!
I also tasted Jamie’s Signature Porchetta and the pork belly melted in my mouth, needless to say, there was nothing left on that plate either. I was glad I choose the Veal though, the seasoning was amazing and I am a huge lover of garlic so that tipped the scales for me.



Like any restaurant, you can’t leave without having dessert! The range of dessert options left me as puzzled but we decided on the Warm Chocolate Brownie ($11.50) to share.
It was warm with a gooey centre, drizzled in chocolate sauce and dotted with amaretto popcorn (something I had never tried before and loved it)
I was feeling a little full after the other two courses, but, as soon as the dish was in front of me…I no longer wanted to share it! The brownie had just the right amount of chocolate sauce and ice-cream to cover each piece I had, and the popcorn gave it some texture…I was more than impressed!


We finished our wine and gave our food about 15minutes to settle before leaving the restaurant…that time was really to ensure I could get off the chair and walk out of the restaurant.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Jamie’s Italian for any type of food lover… There’s something on the menu for everyone! The staff had great customer service, were polite and friendly and didn’t rush us through our meal.

My Rating: ♥♥ ♥ ♥

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2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Italian | Perth CBD

    • Thanks Eugenia. It’s a great restaurant and customer service goes such a long way in enjoying the experience.

      Put it on your ‘to-do’ list in Perth 🙂


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