Try somewhere different to eat out in Perth?

Do you go out for dinner during the week?
Is Subiaco somewhere you would go for food?
Then, this is a must try for all of you foodies out there…

We went out for dinner on Wednesday night using a Groupon voucher for “All-You-Can-Eat Italian and Bottle of Wine for Two” at Trattoria Gallletto in Subiaco.
It is a ‘family-owned business, bringing South American and Italian flavours to diners in Subiaco.

The restaurant is also rated on Urbanspoon …..impressive!

I bought this deal about two weeks ago and decided to check it out before the deal had run out. It’s still running until tomorrow if you would like to check it out here

We reserved a table and were seated upon arrival at 6:30p.m. The restaurant was already quite busy.

Firstly, we received our bottle of wine, which was a Pinot Grigio, of which I am a fan but don’t often see as a house wine.
When you think of all-you-can-eat, you would not be wrong for thinking buffet style, this was a little different.
Each dish was brought out in bite size pieces to our table and the other obvious Groupon eaters in the restaurant that evening.
I found it a great way to try so many different dishes on the menu!
On the deal however, it states that you must finish your plate before ordering another yet there was no ordering process that night.

The pizza toppings ranged from vegetarian to tuna, chicken and ham. The pasta had fillings of cheese or mushroom, or were tossed with chicken or vegetables in tomato or cream based sauces.
The positive of the night is that we got to try so many different pizzas and pasta dishes as well as a side of polenta chips and chicken wings which were left on our table throughout the evening to nibble on between dishes.

The thing I didn’t like, was that if you really liked a dish, you couldn’t have more of it.
The lasagne dish we tasted was rather unusual. It was made with a ham filling rather than the usual meaty bolognaise and I would have loved a little more of that dish.
This was a very small negative, a misunderstanding with the wording of the voucher but a great deal all the same as we were pretty full leaving.

So, if you are keen to try this deal, here’s a few things to consider:

-$39 for 2people, $77 for 4people, $115 for 6people
-Available Wednesday & Thursday only
-Paid parking in front of the restaurant
-Sit in for 60minutes only
-Valid to 20th September 2014
-Mobile redemption available
-Main course only

My final note is on the customer service throughout our hour at Trattoria Gallletto…the customer service was fantastic! Personally, this is always a massive plus when dining out!
Thank you for making it an enjoyable evening….

My Rating: ♥♥ ♥

Trattoria Galetto on Urbanspoon

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