Beauty:Are You Looking For A Shellac Alternative?

Shellac Polish is everywhere these days!
Every shopping centre and street has nail bars offering their best rate and a huge range of colours in shellac polish..

For me personally, I find it hard to get time to organise an appointment and get to a salon to get my nails done.

I went to get my nails done a few months ago in a local nail bar with a friend and wasn’t greatly impressed.
I choose very basic dark colours but the colour itself was applied quite far away from where my nail began. The shellac lasted less than a week so I ended up having to soak my nails and take it off. It damaged and weakened my nails also, so I was always reluctant to get it done again.

Then I came across the Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Colour. It was on special offer for $3.97, so I bought one to begin with and then went back for more colours … I’m definitely an impulse buyer!
It suggests that the polish lasts for 7 days so I wanted to try it out.

The first colour I picked was the Deep Red. I applied a base coat before applying the colour polish.


Here are the positives:
~ The brush itself has a rounded edge so I didn’t have to fix up very much when I finished
~ I only used one coat, which is very impressive
~ It didn’t take very long to dry
~ Fantastic shine

After three days, there was wasn’t a single chip to be seen… As you can see, my nails grow quite quickly..


On Day 6, the first few chips started to show..


I took the polish off after 8 days with my normal nail polish remover. It was no different to taking off any other nail polish.
My nails were long and strong, and completely unaffected by the polish.


To compare this to Shellac, I would definitely use the Maybelline polish first…
~No damage to my nails
~It didn’t soften my nails in any way
~Easy to remove
~Easy to apply
~Cheaper and no appointment necessary 🙂

Here are some of the other colours also available in the range..


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