The Atrium | Burswood

If you haven’t eaten in The Atrium in Perth…what are you waiting for!


I decided not to post my review until I had been to two different sittings.
My first sitting was on a Sunday evening and the second was for Sunday lunch.

On both occasions, I left The Atrium thinking, I could take anyone here because there is something for everyone….no matter how particular they are, or what kinda of food they eat!
The great thing about a buffet is that if you want to have roast beef and potatoes on one side of your plate, you can put stir-fry pork on the other side! You don’t need to choose a particular cuisine, you can mix it up and go back for more of your favourites.

The evening menu and lunch menu were quite different.
The evening menu had everything I could think of from sushi to roast beef…even fresh seafood on a bed of ice! It was an amazing selection so it didn’t take long to understand why it was so busy.

My first course was a vegetable soup and fresh bread roll. I followed this with roast beef, cubed potatoes, pasta, stir-fry vegetables, spring rolls and curry….all on the same plate! The curry was amazing so I went back for seconds.

On my second visit, we had the lunch menu. It also had some breakfast items which was nice but I was hungry so I went straight for the sushi to start off my meal…they were small and bite size so I was more than happy with a few pieces.
For my main meal, I really noticed the absence of potatoes (being Irish of course) but the availability of champagne made me forget about it quite quickly!
I decided to go for the roast gammon, roasted vegetables, beef ravioli, duck pieces and stir-fried noodles and vegetables…lots of different meats but I was hungry!
The variety available is unbelievable! I could have eaten and eaten…and washed it all down with the endless amount of champagne being poured.


Both times, we also had dessert…
Dessert didn’t fail to impress on either occasion with the selection of bite size options.
I think I might have tasted one of everything except the pavlova as I’m not a fan of fresh cream.
The cheese was to die for!
Here’s what I had…


Lunch- $65.00
Dinner- $75.00
It is pretty pricey but it’s worth it if you are hungry and can’t decide what you want to eat…it’s a must do!

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