Cicerello | Fremantle

Restaurants are always packed when it comes to a long weekend and walking down the BoardWalk in Fremantle!


We decided to eat at Cicerello’s. There was indoor and outdoor seating available, luckily we arrived just on time to get a table right on the waterfront.

We had a quick look through the menu before choosing the the Seafood Chowder and Grilled Fish & Couscous.
There is no table service so we placed our order and received a buzzer to let us know when our food was ready to be picked up.
The seating area outside was buzzing with chatter. Many of the tables were full with families and couples enjoying the last day of the weekend and it wasn’t long until it was time for us to pick up our food.
My choice was the Grilled Fish & Couscous and I was very happy with my choice!

IMG_3455.JPGThe fish was soft and easily fell apart, it was cooked perfectly! The couscous was a perfect accompaniment, it was soft and fluffy, and most importantly packed with just enough flavour to balance the seasoning. I couldn’t have enjoyed it any more.

The other plate on our table was the Seafood Chowder. As I am allergic to shellfish, I couldn’t taste it but going by ‘the expert on seafood’, it was delicious and he didn’t take very long to finish it! It was rich in flavour and smooth and creamy. The bread finished mopping up the chowder at the bottom of the bowl.


I have to say, I was surprised to see a rating of 49% at the time of publishing. The tables were full and I didn’t notice a lot of unfinished plates but every experience is different.
My Rating: ♥♥ ♥

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