John Street Cafe | Cottesloe

It was another fabulous morning in Perth and I spent Sunday morning as I always do…out for breakfast!


The cafe was busy this morning, full of laughter and chatter as people filled the tables and chatted amongst themselves.
I loved the layout also, from the outside, the cafe looks small but when you go inside, you soon see its a lot bigger than it looks!

The great thing about the cafe is that they do breakfast all day….yes, all day!
We looked over the menu., there was everything from fruit & yoghurt to a full breakfast.
I decided on ‘The Lot’ ($20) and a latte ($4.20). My boyfriend decided on The Lot’ also as well as an orange juice ($7.50).
The latte came early and looked great, however, I was a little unimpressed with the small glass of orange juice that cost $7.50. It was quite a long 25 minute wait for our food.


When our breakfast arrived, we were ready to dig in straight away!
‘The Lot’ was made up of toast, eggs your way, bacon, sausages, a hash brown and a grilled tomato.
The eggs were great. I loved the hash brown, I think it was deep – fried and I have vowed to attempt to make some myself….some day! The toast was quite hard so I didn’t eat too much of it but overall, I enjoyed the breakfast.


Looking around the tables close by, I would definitely go back to John Street Cafe at a quite time. I’m interested to try something on the lunch menu also.

If you like the sound of John Street Cafe, you might also like Typika in Claremont.

My Rating: ♥♥ ♥

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