Durty Nelly’s Irish Bar | Perth CBD

If good home cooked food is what you are after.. Durty Nelly’s Irish Bar in the city is definitely a stop to consider.
Located between Hay St and Murray St, it is easy to get to and always seems to be busy.


Yes, it’s an Irish bar so of course it’s always busy but they can boast about always being on the list for the ‘Top 10 Pints of Guinness’ around Australia. The bar always shows some sort of sports and often has live music…A great combination!
I went to Durty Nelly’s with a few friends for Sunday Brunch and a few drinks to catch up. Inside, you will find a genuine Irish pub which looks just like how I remember so many pubs from home. They have a fantastic selection on their food menu as well as a special offer from the food menu each night.

Back to business!

We ordered the Chicken Wings to begin with. They were seasoned with Jamaican spices and accompanied with pineapple and seasoned rice.

For mains, I ordered the Bacon & Cabbage ($22), definitely one of my favourite dishes. The portion was huge and I was satisfied by the time I gobbled down the creamy mash potato, tender bacon and tasty cabbage.
There was just the right amount of creamy parsley sauce on the plate to add a little bit to each mouthful.

Have you ever been at the stage where you know you are full but cannot bear to leave anything on the plate…I was there!


There were a few other dishes to come to our table which included;

Pressed Pork Belly & Black Pudding ($29)
The pork belly was cooked to perfection and melted in my mouth when I tasted it.


Black Pudding Stack ($26)
This dish is a masterpiece and visually appealing. It has the right amount of each food to complete the dish and the relish is the perfect thing to tie the dish together.



My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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