Little Bird Cafe | NorthBridge

Another hidden delight in Northbridge is the Little Bird Cafe on Lake Street.

The interior of the cafe itself is fantastic and very open. There is also an outdoor area which is where we sat on our visit.

The cafe itself was quite busy and the music was heard faintly behind the conversations and catch ups taking place that morning. The menu was interesting and had everything from vegetarian options to raw food options, as well as the usual suspects.

There was a short queue at the counter to order so after a quick look at the menu overhead, we decided on the Homemade baked beans, eggs, chorizo & Sourdough and the Eggs Benedict.

The Homemade baked beans arrived first and the photograph says it all! It was just as appealing in real life.

The sourdough toast was a complimentary portion and beautifully fresh and crunchy. It was used to mop up those beans…those beans! While mopping up the beans, there were pieces of a mildly spicy chorizo which were also delicious. The fried egg oozed as it was broken. Overall, the dish ticked all of the boxes.


The Eggs Benedict was equally delicious. Just look at the creamy yellow hollandaise. I love having two eggs on my dish so I was a little jealous of the perfectly poached eggs as I only had one egg. There was fresh spinach and well cooked bacon covering the fresh sourdough. Mr. T said he would definitely order this dish again.

Breakfast was delicious and I was a big fan of the atmosphere and the friendly staff!

Another great cafe in Northbridge is, Milk and Honey.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

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