The Shingle Inn, Perth is not the answer

As you can see from a lot of my reviews, I am a huge fan of cafés and breakfast around Perth.
A new café called “The Shingle Inn” opened in Westfield Innaloo and we decided to check it out.

On arrival, I thought the menu and prices were great! The interior makes the café look extremely inviting and interesting at the same time…but that’s all it has going for it!
I cannot describe the disappointment felt on leaving this café.

We ordered at the front counter and paid for our meal after a look through the menu.
We both chose the Eggs Benedict, London style and a Latte and a Berry Smoothie to drink.
The food came out and the disappointment started there.

The Eggs Benedict was literally, two small pieces of toast, a single slice of deli ham sliced in half, two poached eggs and a tasteless hollandaise sauce.
A thin slice of deli ham is definitely not what I was looking for or expecting.
I was so hungry, I ate what I could… I could have made it better at home for half the price.

By this stage, there was still no sign of our drinks!
The waitresses were on the floor, chatting amongst themselves and cleaning tables so we had to go up and ask about our drinks which finally arrived when we had finished eating.
When they arrived, my latte was ok and the smoothie was very watery and not worth a dollar of the $5.90 paid for it.

Unfortunately, we we weren’t the only dissatisfied customers, we heard many customers complain.
We left to go and buy food to go home and cook after and I’ve never had to do that.

It’s such a pity as the café is in a great location and the interior of the café is great.
Hopefully they can make change happen and get everything running much better in the future.

My Rating: ♥

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