Fortysevenkirwanstreet | Floreat

On another sunny morning I made the executive decision to go to Floreat for breakfast.

I have come across Fortysevenkirwanstreet on Urbanspoon and I guess the curiosity always catches up with you…today was the day!


The cafe is located off the West Coast Highway and is surrounded by the houses of the residents
of Floreat. There is good parking outside also which is always an advantage.
Inside is cosy and warm, lots of chatter at the tables and lots of staff.

The cafe was busy when we arrived at around 12pm. Many tables were taken both inside and outside but we got seated straight away.

We missed the breakfast menu but there were still some options on the lunch menu… the problem was that I couldn’t pick what I wanted to eat!

I decided to go for the Potato and Leek Bake and the other dish choosen was the Pulled Pork Burrito.
The cafe was quite busy so about 15minutes later our food arrived.
I knew I was going to eat every bit of it, both dishes smelled amazing and looked so appetizing!

The potato and leek bake was as I expected, it was heavenly and I couldn’t get enough. The hollandaise sauce… I just couldn’t put my finger on what gave it the kick but I loved it!
I also tasted the Pulled Pork Burrito.
It was also tasty, my only criticism was that the bottom of the burrito was very hard so it stayed on the plate. It was a minor flaw that varies from dish to dish I’m sure so it wouldn’t put me off trying it again.

Another favourite cafe, situated close by in Cottesloe is, John Street Cafe.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (because my dish was scrumptious)

Fortysevenkirwanstreet on Urbanspoon

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