What Is A Traditional Christmas?

I don’t write too many personal posts but at this time of the year, there is a huge emphasis on family, friends and present giving.


For me personally, that all seems very far away this year, as it has for the previous two Christmas too. My family are all in Ireland and a lot of my friends are at home or left Australia to go home. Australia is very different from Ireland at this time of the year.

My family are very far away at the moment, this is the last family photograph we had together. It was Christmas 2011 to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary. In saying that, I do have an Australian family too!


There is no white snow glazing the landscape, instead it’s peak of the summer and everyone is hitting the beach. These pictures are taken by me, on the way to my house and at my house. Mile after mile of snow on Christmas Day!



Christmas dinner is the fullĀ Turkey & Ham RoastĀ versus aĀ Seafood BBQ. In my house, all of our family and extended family gather at our house to share gifts, have a few beverages and a few hours on the Wii. Later that afternoon all of the family gathers around the table to have dinner. I know my brother and sister won’t be impressed to see this picture but anyway…

067Ā IMG_0215Ā 080Ā 

Christmas Jumper Night/12 Pubs of Christmas is huge at home! Some people go to extreme efforts to make their own jumpers and other make a quick dash to run out to buy one. As you can see, we went to the effort I just mentioned…we even sewed in the flashing Christmas tree..we,eh, left the threads there on purpose!

feb 13 382

This may be the most important part…a REAL Christmas tree!Ā There is nothing quite like the smell a real pine tree swirling around the living room as you enjoy relaxing with the family over the Christmas holidays.

1493240_695646403800534_478494887_nĀ 1525321_695646820467159_535229418_n

I spoke to someone who was born and brought up here. He was very proud to be Australian of course and his comments helped me to grasp things a little easier.

He said,Ā ‘the warm weather means it’s summertime, summertime means it’s Christmas!’

So I guess for everyone, Christmas is a little different. It is this time of year that family and friends seem especially far away and I’m really missing everyone at home, and I’m sure they are missing me too.

This year, I’m in charge of cooking a traditional Irish Christmas dinner for 6 people and I am SO excited..more so about the cooking! I’ve got my shopping list ready to go and I’m looking forward to the big cook.

Wish me luck!!

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