Bib and Tucker | Fremantle

So this is possibly the best location for a beach restaurant I’ve ever been to!
We arrived at the restaurant during lunch time on a Friday without a reservation… can you see where this is going?


We waited about ten minutes before being shown to two seats at the bar and this was our view. Admittedly, it wasn’t the best place for someone on crutches but it’s what we got. Of course I would have loved to be out with the sea view but not this day…I guess I will just have to come back!
Bib & Tucker has a very open layout with a hostess at the door to greet customers and show them to their tables. The restaurant was so busy with Christmas parties and diners out for lunch.
First thing was to order a drink, this was on the menu…A classic Mojito. It took a long time for drinks to arrive but when it did…


Back to Bib & Tucker, there is a breakfast menu until 11am and we hit the lunch time menu which is on from 12-3pm but there is a dinner also from 6pm-late.
We decided to order a few different things between us which included Chorizo Pizza ($25), Hand Cut Chips with Aeoli  ($9) and Pulled Pork Slider ($9).
I enjoyed sitting at the bar, we had perfect view of the chefs as they were cooking. So many of the dishes looked amazing and I really wanted to reach over the ledge and grab something to taste.

It didn’t feel as long as it actually was until our food arrived …the pizza was tasty! I could have eaten it until I was at food coma stage. The pizza was topped with chorizo, roasted capsicum, roasted onion, mozzarello and romesco. The romesco gave the pizza a little kick with every single bite. It was truly delicious.


The Hand Cup Chips & Aeoli went down a treat, the chips got crunchier as we got to the bottom and I love that!


As for the slider…the pork crunched with every bite and I couldn’t get enough. Note to self, next time, don’t order one, order more.


So this is what I’ve learned;
•Get there early for breakfast
•Book a table, preferably outside
•Be prepared to feel like you can’t walk out without help…you are that full!
Also in Fremantle along the main street is the Mexican Kitchen for a great lunch.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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