Chinta | Scarborough

So we went to Chinta today…my first impression was quickly made as we walked in the entrance from the carpark…overflowing with ‘stuff’.

It’s very overwhelming to walk into a cafe /shop and not know where to look first or where to walk without tripping over something!
In saying all of that, there were some nice things to buy as we went further from the outdoor seating area and into the shop where there was more seating to one side.

We waited for about ten minutes for a table, but, I couldn’t help but notice that there were a lot of tables with people with no food or drinks in front of them. I’m guessing it’s a popular meeting place for friends if you want somewhere that is a little different.

Anyway, we had a look over the menu and my choice was going to made between the Corn Beef Hash and the Chorizo Eggs, I ended up choosing Corn Beef Hash.

We also ordered drinks, I went for a Flat White which arrived in a take-away cup, and my fellow diner went for Popeye’s choice juice. I could see why the juice had it’s name, it was one of the greenest drinks I’ve ever seen!

Food arrived shortly after the drinks. My Corn Beef Hash ($17) looked great! Taste wise, it was ok. The roast potato smash was great but the pulled beef was quite salty.

My fellow diners got A Modest Breakfast ($14.50) and Chorizo Eggs ($18). The Chorizo Eggs went down well and A Modest Breakfast got a 6/10 because the eggs were overdone and the bacon was burnt. We all agreed that half a slice of bread wasn’t much either to accompany the dishes.


I don’t think I will be in a huge rush to go back to Chinta unless for the coffee or juices.

My Rating: ♥ ♥

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