What is in store for 2015?

I’m not one to plan ahead but I do like to plan things when I’ve made a decision about something.
I’m great at making lists so I want to make a Bucket List for 2015 and look back at it in December 2015 and see how it went.
What’s on the list….hmmmmm


12 months of the year and 12 items on the list… I can do this!

1. The gym– I’ve got a membership but I need to maximise it a little more. I know this is on everyone’s list and a new years resolution for many many people
2. AFL- I really want to go see a Fremantle game
3. Visit another Australian city- I need to travel a bit more…I’m feeling a little settled
4. Go for a picnic- I’ve always wanted to go on a proper picnic but never have…I think this is an important one! I want to have a basket filled with nibbles and maybe a bottle of champagne
5. Go Snorkelling- I have been snorkelling before but not since I’ve moved to Australia
6.Ā Outdoor cinema- This is obviously one for the summer but I’ve still got lots of time to check it off
7. Paint my own canvas- I mentioned this idea to my boyfriend and he said ‘where will we put it?’… I still want to paint something
8. Go paddleboarding– Every time I’ve been at the beach, I’ve always wanted to try it… it looks easy but something tells me there might be more to it than I think… I should also mention that I cannot swim but I’m ok in the water when wearing a life jacket
9. Complete a race & get a medal- I wanted to do Tough Mudder but decided a little too late and wasn’t prepared for it so it’s a must do for 2015
10. Skydive- I think this is on everyone’s list somewhere
11. Busselton- I really want to go to the jetty, I’ve been told that dolphins come in close to the jetty and the shore…I need to see this for myself
12. Go camping- I have been camping once but not since moving to Perth so I’m adding it in

Any suggestions or tips and advice are all welcome!

Thanks for reading! ā™”

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