Tropico | North Beach

Tropico seems to be a new cafe located on a strip in North Beach.
The cafe was busy for lunch but there is ample amount of seating so we didn’t wait long to be seated.


The cafe is open and airy but quite similar to other cafes…I’m keen to see something different when it comes to interior design. In saying that, the choice of lighting caught my eye so I will compliment that.
Back to the menu, there are quite a few options on the lunch menu…Something to suit the ‘health freak’, ‘pizza lover’ and ‘late breakfast’ lover, not forgetting the ‘lots of little snacks’ lover.



I was torn between getting a Woodfire Chicken Pizza and the Kipfler Potato… I went for the Kipfler Potato ($16 ) in the end.
There were great choices of juices on the menu and the Strawberry Fields ($7.50) caught my eye. The Porkbelly Taco ($7), Wagyu Burger Slider ($8), Fries ($7.50) & Grassfed Short Rib ($14.50) were also ordered.


I was a little disappointed when our food arrived, every item came separately. The fries arrived first and were cold by the time everything else arrived.
The Kipfler Potato was nice but very dry, there was nothing moist in the dish so I think it was missing something. It needed another flavour as the saltiness of the chorizo was very dominant.


The Porkbelly Taco and Wagyu Burger Slider arrived together. The taco was very small but the burger was tasty.


The dish that rescued our lunch was the Grassfed Short Rib… now this is a dish worth coming back for. It wasn’t my dish but it went unfinished, my dish wasn’t filling so I polished off the rest of this. The meat was possibly the most tender meat I have ever tasted…and that’s a bold statement but to date, I stand by it! The rice spices were an interesting part of the dish, I’m not sure if I figured out why they were there or if they needed to be.


I would like to go back to Tropico for breakfast one day as overall, I enjoyed the experience but some of the lunch dishes were a bit of a let down.

If you are keen to try something a little further north is the Burns Beach Cafe.

My Rating: ♥ ♥
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Thanks for reading! ♡

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