Yanchep National Park

It was the last few days of the Christmas holidays and I was keen for a little roadtrip. I did a little research on the national parks in WA and decided to take a trip to Yanchep.

It took about an hour to get there and on our arrival, I realised I should have researched a little better.
All of the tours for the caves were booked out for the day…while researching, I just saw the pictures and wanted to go, booking didn’t even cross my mind.
It was $12 for the car to enter the park and we were given a map and told there were lots of things to do so we headed for the carpark.
On looking at the map, we picked a trail to walk and we were ready to go.
For those of you who want to look around the park but don’t want to walk, you can drive around it too.
First thing I noticed was the dried up lake…another thing I should have researched. Weather in WA is a little different to Victoria, and I’m talking about rain! I was looking forward to the paddle boats 😦


We made our way to the Wildflower Garden, no flowers! I probably should have considered that too. Enough negativity, we then went to see the koalas… They have such an easy life!


We picked a 4.5km winding, uphill and downhill trail that showed us a lot of the park.



As I forgot the take into account that there hasn’t been much rain here in Perth, the Gorge Walk was all dried up too.


There are so many open spaces around the park for picnics and a lot of families and groups were taking advantage of that, even these little guys!


There are a few of the areas of the park that could be cared for a little better but nothing is perfect. By looking at the map, I thought we would see a lot on our way around the park but there wasn’t really that much to do. The grass was dead in the ovals, the swimming pool was dried up, the lodge was closed and there were no tours available (that was my own fault though).



The Yanchep Inn was busy and there were quite a few people enjoying food and drinks both indoor and outdoors. The interior of the inn features wood everywhere and I can see why people might go there for wedding photos.

Overall, I enjoyed the day but next time, I will consider the weather and time of the year, and maybe bring a picnic.



Thanks for reading! ♡

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