Beauty: Storage Ideas

I decided to try and organise the chaos I call my room.
I am currently addicted to Pinterest and decided to head in that direction for some inspiration. I soon found that there were lots of brilliant ideas there and thought I might share a few of them.

The first thing I needed to organise was my make up! It’s impossible to find things easily in my ‘make up box’ so I had to start here!

I thought this was a great idea, easy to put together. I saw a few ideas similar to this using small marbles, coffee beans or small colourful stones.


Another great idea is to use a jewellery organiser. It’s easy to move around as it’s on a hanger and easy to store.
I’ve personally used this for various storage items and love it! Anything from jewellery to toiletries to nail polish fits.
A variation of this would be to use a hanging shoe organiser but it depends how much you have to organise and store.


This is another fantastic idea. Each piece of make up has a magnet at the back to stick to a magnetic board. I also love the idea of having brushes and make up in the same place. Make up can be grouped together and i can think of any make up this woyldnt work on. I personally don’t have the space for this but it’s always an idea if we ever move.


A little DIY involved in this one… or a call to a male friend for help. Everything is organised and easy to see. Obviously, you need some wall space for this one but I like it!


My final favourite was this stationary organiser. It’s portable, tidy and looks great. This is great for make up, brushes,  nail polishes or toiletries.


If you see any other great ideas, don’t be afraid to know about them!

(All images from Pintrest)

Thanks for reading! ♡

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