Stimulatte | Subiaco

I have been passing Stimulatte every morning for the past two weeks on route to an office I have been working out of in Subiaco.
It’s always busy… and for me, that’s always a great sign!
During the week, we ventured down for a look in and a take-away coffee and it was glorious! I was keen to come and check it out for breakfast so we went this weekend.

Thankfully, I checked out Stimulatte on Urbanspoon before we went as I found out they only serve breakfast until 12pm. We arrived at 11am and were told there would be a 20 minute wait on food but we were happy to wait. We took a seat at the coffee bar until a table become available.
We had a look over the menu and I decided on The Italian and an English Breakfast Tea and my boyfriend went for the New York Bagel and an Orange Juice.
Shortly after ordering, a table became free and we took a seat after we had to clean it ourselves, it didn’t seem to be a priority to the waitress who stood chatting to a colleague making the coffee.
I was a little disappointed when our food arrived separately, especially when there was only two of us and we waited so long for it to arrive. My boyfriend was finished his breakfast by the time mine arrived.
The New York Bagel was deemed ok, there was a lot of bacon on it and I don’t have much more to say about it.

When my food arrived, it looked great and I thought it would be worth the wait.
It just added to the disappointment when I didn’t have those oozy egg yolks you expect from poached eggs.
One of my eggs was extremely overdone and the other was ok. After the long wait for the food, I didn’t want to wait for a replacement so I just left it on the plate.

Maybe we went to Stimulatte on a bad morning as there are many raving reviews.
There is a very limited choice on the menu and there was nothing else that jumped out at me so I don’t think I will be rushing back for breakfast.
The coffee however, was great and I will go back for that!

My Rating: ♥ ♥
Stimulatte on Urbanspoon
Thanks for reading! ♡

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