Positano | Northbridge

There are many great restaurants to go to in Northbridge and next on my list was Positano. We hoped to get a table walking in off the street on a Saturday night without a booking.

We were greeted at the door of the busy restaurant and seated immediately, even though the website suggests that booking is essential. The restaurant was busy with customers enjoying a Saturday night dinner both indoors and outdoors and the staff seemed ran off their feet.

We were left with a drinks menu and the dinner menu to look over before our order was taken. We ordered wine when a waitress returned which was delivered to our table a few minutes later. We were still deciding what we wanted to eat so we were left with the dinner menu for a little longer. The menu was dominantly Italian cuisine (obviously) but it boasts Italian and Balkan cuisine, my problem was that I couldn’t choose what I wanted. I also thought the dishes were quite reasonably priced…always a plus!

We eventually decided on the Tomato Bruschetta ($9.50) to share as an entrée. For main course, I settled on the Linguine Amatriciana($22.50) and my boyfriend opted for the Linguine Positano ($24.50) .

We could now relax and take in the atmosphere of the restaurant. I quickly noticed how busy the staff were between delivering meals to tables, greeting customers and serving drinks and extra requests. I felt a little sorry for them, a little organisation and delegation goes a long way, but that is my opinion. having worked in hospitality, I understand how hectic a busy Saturday night is!

Our Tomato Bruschetta was delicious, it was packed with flavour, juicy topping and I loved the touch of parmesan! I wanted more but kept telling myself, ‘it’s a good start, don’t ruin your main course’.


Shortly after our entrée was cleared, our main courses arrived. We were offered parmesan and black pepper but the waitress was so busy, she forgot to come back to us.

Anyway, my dish was delicious! It was packed with flavour and had a chilli kick to it…I’m a fan of a little spice! I finished every single bit of this dish and wished I had ordered more Bruschetta to completely clean my plate.

The Linguine Marinara was also a winning dish. The crab meat was perfect and this dish was also packed with flavour. The cherry tomatoes really brightened up this dish and added some texture.

Overall, we were both happy with our food. Service could have been a little better but that was due to not enough staff as those who were there were busy and doing the best they could.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

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