Benesse Coffee + Kitchen | Bunbury

While on route to Busselton, we decided to stop off in Bunbury for breakfast.
We headed for the main street, parked and decided to pick somewhere we liked the look off and so we landed here…

There was both outdoor and indoor seating and the cafe was busy at 10.30am.
We took a seat right in the middle of the action and had a look at the menu.
I can’t wait for the day when I’m browsing a menu and can instantly make a choice about what I want to eat. In a good way, it means I’m liking a lot of the food establishments we go to, but it can be annoying for my company.
Anywho, we ordered drinks first, my usual…A latte and an Apple Juice.

Some time later (not that long) I made my mind up and ordered the Eggs Benedict with Bacon ($17.90) for the simple reason that I saw it in transit to another table and wanted it.
Mr. T went with S with a Difference ($13.90) which we assumed to be ‘fancy scrambled eggs’.

I loved the atmosphere in the cafe and was impressed with the amount of seating available. It wasn’t long until out breakfast arrived and we both smiled at each other before tucking in, after that, there wasn’t much conversation until we were both finished.

My dish was delicious, there wasn’t a crumb left on my plate. The eggs were perfectly perfect, tasty spinach and a perfect hollandaise sauce for the perfect eggs. I might also add that there was more than enough bacon on my plate…I felt a food coma coming on!

S with a Difference was another great dish! The scrambled eggs were also perfect and the difference, as suggested by the name, was the hint of chilli with each mouthful. Aoili is something I haven’t seen too often but I liked the combination and I won’t be afraid to try it now.

My Rating : ā™„ ā™„ ā™„ ā™„
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Thanks for reading! ā™”

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