The Stage Door | Mandurah

The Stage Door offers alfresco waterfront dining with a great choice on their menu.
When we arrived, it was happy hour and I couldn’t pass the Cocktail Menu.


As you can see, I went for a cocktail to end a brilliant day in Busselton. This is the Pomegranate Mojito.
We had a look over the menu and decided to to get a few small dishes to taste everything.

This is my favourite way to dine. I love tapas because it’s not eating one particular dish. As I’m allergic to shellfish, I couldn’t taste everything but the decided verdict was delicious!
The flavours across the dishes were fantastic. The Lamb Medallions were my main dish and I wanted to lick the plate clean. The pea puree was perfect with the mouthwatering, juicy lamb.

The fishy dishes were also given the thumbs up and wolfed down.


We also shared the Turkish Breads with trio of dips. The problem with a dish like this is that you can never have enough bread. No matter how much bread or dip there is, if they are delicious, there’s nothing you can do!


The Wedges served with Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream were a little disappointing as they were greasy. I ate a few but left the rest unfortunately.

I am keen to return to The Stage Door. There is a beautiful restaurant to enjoy here too and who can argue with a Happy Hour and a great Cocktail Menu.

My Rating : ā™„ ā™„ ā™„ ā™„

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