Rosie’s Cafe | Mandurah

Rosie’s in located in a prime location in Mandurah on the corner of Mandurah Terrace.
We stopped off here on our way to Margaret River.

The restaurant wasn’t too busy and as we were in a hurry, it was a quick decision to grab a table with indoor and outdoor seating to choose from.

The kitchen is on a raised level in view of all customer which I liked, however, everyone looked a little flustered.
As we didn’t have very long for breakfast, it was a quick glance for the menu before ordering the Chicken Omelette ($18.90) and the Salmon Omelette ($21.90)accompanied by a Berry Smoothie and a Latte.
We waited quite some time for our breakfast and couldn’t help but hear the grilling the young boy waiting the tables was getting every 5 minutes.
I, like every second person out there, have worked in hospitality. Personally, I’ve worked in hospitality here and there over the last 7 years and the one thing I couldn’t handle was being embarrassed and disrespected in front of customers. I felt very sorry for this young boy and wished I could give him some of my stubbornness and attitude to not put up with that. I made a special effort to thank him before we left.
Eventually our food arrived. The omelettes were pretty big when they appeared…thankfully. The Chicken Omelette was packed with the filling.

The Salmon Omelette could have had a little more to it as it was more expensive. It felt like it was a 6 egg omelette, it was thick and filling!

I don’t think I would be in a hurry to go back and if I did, I hope the young waiter has moved to another workplace where he is respected and appreciated.
Somewhere I would recommend in Mandurah is The Stage Door a long the boardwalk.

My Rating : ā™„ ā™„
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