Architects and Heroes | Subiaco

Trying to find somewhere for breakfast/brunch on a late Saturday morning has never been an easy task. Our first choice had a 45minute wait for food and Ms. DS and I were too hungry to wait…decision made, off to Subiaco!

I have walked past Architects and Heroes on a number of occasions while in Subiaco but never went in for a look. Today was the day we would check out the menu and have one of our favourite breakfasts.

We had a quick glance over the menu as the tables were clearing and filling up.

I decided to go for my usual latte and the 63 degrees egg on toast with a side of bacon ($16). Miss SD’s eyes literally lit up when she read Crumpets ($17) on the menu and a latte to accompany her chosen dish. When I see popping candy, I think of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on a breakfast menu.

The cafe was busy with customers ordering food as well as busy shoppers ordering take away coffees.
There was a mistake made with our order as I noticed a table who ordered after us got their meals before us, we had the exact same order.
When their meal came to our table, it had scrambled eggs so that confirmed that they had our meal. The waitress was great about the mix up so I felt bad sending it back but I just don’t like scrambled eggs.

This gave both of us time to take in Miss SD’s breakfast.
Firstly, it was a picture on a plate!
As the photo clearly shows, Miss SD was ready to inhale the breakfast, as was I, especially as I was still waiting for mine.
I tasted this breakfast and it was quite sweet for my personal taste but it was simply delicious. All of the elements were beautifully presented and worked so well together.

The waitress apologised when my breakfast arrived by which time, my hunger was increasing.
Not to self; don’t go for breakfast/brunch hungry!
My eggs were beautifully cooked and I enjoy piercing the egg to see an oozy yolk drizzle out over the sourdough toast.
The bacon was quite well done and one of my favourite accompaniments to Eggs on Toast.

Overall, we were both very satisfied leaving this friendly and inviting establishment and I hope it’s not long between this and a return visit.

Thank you for a beautiful breakfast Architects and Heroes .

If you are a fan of a pretty breakfast, check out Architects and Heroes
in Subiaco.

My Rating : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Would love to visit them someday coz I saw them on some magazine n’ I love how their shop looks, especially the wall 😛 Apparently they have good coffees too, how you find your coffee from them? 🙂


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