Event: Swan Valley Wine Tours

A wine tour isn’t something I had the opportunity to do at home in Ireland and where better to have my first experience than here in Perth.


Two friends  who are currently on a round the world trip (no jealous…at all) were here in Perth until the end of November. We thought a wine tour together would be a great way to end their time here with a wine tour.
After a little research, we went with Swan Valley Wine Tours.

We decided to do the half tour as the difference was one extra winery and lunch.
We went for breakfast in the city and leisurely strolled…to the wrong bus stop! Thankfully, we questioned the fact that no one else was there and reverted to good old Google (thanks google). We made it on time and were soon off on our way to Houghtons Winery.


The grounds of the winery were beautiful. It was busy inside but there was still room for our group.
We were introduced to each one, three white and three red.


At this stage, we joined in with the group that left a little earlier than us and moved to a bigger bus. There were a good mix of passengers on the bus so we were excited to see the next winery.

Second stop was the Windy Creek Estate Winery. It didn’t take very long to get there. Another beautifully set winery with 17 wines and liqueurs (I think).
We loved the wine so much here that we ordered 12 bottles which were delivered about 10 days later. The wine was beautiful, I can’t believe they don’t supply to any stores, however, you can buy online.


One of my favourite stops was the Swan Valley Chocolate Factory. We got to scoop up as much chocolate as we possibly could before sampling some chocolate liqueurs.



Overall, the tour was fantastic! I enjoyed every vineyard and we even made some new friends a long the way.
We made our way back to the city and got dropped off beside The Avairy around 5.30pm. It would have been rude not to continue the rest of our night!
You can check out the wine tour we picked here for $65.

Thanks for reading! ♡

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