What • I • Wore

It’s easy to see I’m a huge fan of leopard print!
This is probably one of my favourite dresses.


This was an outfit I put together for a dinner date. It was mid week so I took the opportunity to dress up and wear a mid length dress.

The dress is from a side alley boutique off Chapel Street, Melbourne. I paid $25 for it…I’m a huge bargain hunter!

The shoes have their own story. I was away for a weekend with friends when I realised I forgot to pack a pair of black heels. What better time to realise this than at 6.10pm.
There were a few short curse words before the thought that Target or Kmart might still be opened. Thankfully, I found a Target and I found these black heels for $32.
I had such a comfortable night in them, they became part of my favourites. The shine adds a little class to an outfit and the strap is comfortable and breaks up my long legs in shorter dresses.

Stay tuned for more prints to come!

Thanks for reading! ♡

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