Hangout on 20 Preston| South Perth

Hangout on 20 Preston is a quirky cafe on Preston Street in South Perth.

Parking is not easy to find in the area on a Saturday morning but we got there eventually.


As we walked up, we noticed quite a lot of seating available, however, it was mostly on the slant of the street. We entered the cafe to meet a ‘wait to be seated sign’. We chose a table outside under an umbrella.

We ordered drinks to start, I ordered my usual and Mr. T went for the Strawberry Lemonade ($6). A waitress had to come to our table twice before we could order… we couldn’t make up our minds!



We decided to choose some dishes to share. I personally love this kind of dining!

We ordered the Pulled Pork Nachos ($15), Hot Chicken Wings ($15), Beef Meatballs ($14) and Sweet Potato and Chive Polenta Chips ($13).

Our drinks arrived and we were informed that our dishes would arrived staggered or we could wait longer to have it all arrive together.

First to arrive were the Pulled Pork Nachos. They were served with a homemade salsa sauce, jalapeño and sour cream.

The nachos were my favourite of all four dishes. Pulled pork is not something I’ve seen served on nachos before but I loved it. The cheese was perfect, it didn’t make the chips too sticky and there was enough salsa for every bite. Hats off!

Next up were the Hot Chicken Wings and they were pretty hot! I wasn’t a fan of the sauce that accompanied the wings. It was a strong sauce that did not compliment the wings so I regretted dipping a wing into it. The hot sauce on the wings was scrumptious. Yum!

Our Polenta Chips were also a bit of a let down. They were a little soggy and not very crispy on the outside, however, they looked great but when it comes to food, it’s all about taste!

Last dish to arrive were the Beef Meatballs tasted a little strange. We had to check the menu after tasting them so check which meat they were as we couldn’t figure it out, the sauce was nice however.

This experience hasn’t put me off coming back, I don’t think the dishes we ordered were what we expected. There are definitely more dishes I would like to try.

My Rating: ♥ ♥

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