Event: Night Hawker Markets | Perth CBD

If you haven’t been to the Night Hawker Markets in the CBD on a Friday night… what have you been waiting for!


I couldn’t believe how many people were here for the markets. It was quite literally, a sea of people.
We walked around the stalls before deciding what to eat as I was overwhelmed by so many choices. There are many different types of cuisine available, everything from Colombian to Moroccan to Vietnamese.


I cannot put into words the smells experienced while walking from stall to stall… on many occasions, I stopped to sniff the air and work out where the amazing aroma was coming from.


Here is where we decided to eat, we decided to get two Quesadillas and Chilli Waffle Fries.
The Quesadillas were pretty tasty, there wasn’t very much meet between the slices but it was so big, I couldn’t finish it.
The Waffle Fries were delicious and between two of us, we weren’t long finishing them off.



There is also the Dessert Garden to explore while at the markets, if you leave some room that is!
This seemed quite the popular stall selling some unusual types of ‘marshmalloz’ such as Raspberry Champagne and Lavender.


Another popular spot was the Belgian Pancake stall. I loved watching the speed and technique used to flip the pancakes.


This van was popular with the young and old vistors to the markets.


I hope to go back to the markets and hate that I’ve waited so long to go…This was my first time.
Next time, I’m keen to try a Moroccan or Vietnamese dish.

Feel free to recommend something I’ve missed!

Thanks for reading! ♡


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