Review: My First Bellabox Experience


I’m about to try out my first Bellabox !

I filled in a profile to specify what my interests were and picked make-up, skincare and nails.
Yes there is a highlighter there also, you are asked to write your favourite feature on the #HighlightMy  card and post to your social media of choice. The prize is the ‘Ultimate Bellabox Experience’ for the winner and a friend in Melbourne… Nothing like some free advertising and promotion!

I am a little disappointed with the products in the box, there is nothing particularly exciting in it or anything I’m excited to try out.
Most of the products can be shop bought and are not very expensive. I expected the products to be something new.
The only brand I haven’t tried is the eyeliner…that’s it!

I’m in two minds if I should get another so all suggestions and advice are welcome!

Thanks for reading! ♡

4 thoughts on “Review: My First Bellabox Experience

  1. Paige says:

    It goes in waves.. Sometimes their boxes are amazing, other times they are disappointing.. I guess it just all depends on their suppliers giving them enough stuff in time each month.. Maybe give it one or two more boxes and if you’re still underwhelmed then yeah, I’d quit and go to one of the other ones that are a slightly higher price

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    • It’s definitely not worth it! My issue is that there is nothing unique about the box, the nail polish is cheap and can be bought anywhere.
      A friend got the Marie Claire box and it is amazing! It’s a quarterly box!


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