Pancakes At Carillon | Perth CBD

The craving in our house this morning was for pancakes so we had a flick through the Entertainment Book to see what was on offer.
We decided on Pancakes At Carillon.

We were shown to a table after a few minutes and given our menus.
There are a lot of choices on the menu, obviously a huge variety of pancakes and sides to accompany them as well as many other choices.

Our order was soon taken by the Supervisor. Mr T. and Miss S.D both went for a stack of pancakes ($10.50) each and added blueberries ($4.50) and strawberries ($5.00).
I decided to go for the Chicken Club Burger ($15.90), without the salad and mayonaise as it completely ruins a dish for me.
We ordered two Berry Bang ($6.90) iced drinks and an Orange Juice ($4.90).

First to arrive was my dish, with the mayonnaise and salad, even though our order was read back to us before the waitress left the table. I politely apologised and said that I ordered it without mayonnaise and salad. It was lifted so rudely off the table, the food nearly fell off the plate!

Next to arrive were the pancakes and I instantly regretted my order.
When mine finally arrived back at the table, I was so disappointed to find that the salad and mayonnaise were scrapped off my bun and put back on the plate. Do restaurants actually do this?

Needless to say, I was instantly put off my food! I tasted the pancakes and they were pretty good. However, the blueberries were a waste of $4.50 as they weren’t fresh, they were soaked in a sticky syrup.

My favourite part of the ‘experience’ was when I was asked how my food was as I was paying. I handed over a business card and told them how my food really was, I don’t think I’ve heard sorry as many times in one sentence.

It doesn’t make any difference, I won’t ever ever return to Pancakes At Carillon.

If you appreciate good pancakes, you will like Cranked Coffee in Leederville.

My Rating: ❤❤ -Based on the pancakes alone
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Thanks for reading! ♡

4 thoughts on “Pancakes At Carillon | Perth CBD

  1. That stinks, but I’m glad karma kicked them in the end! I love your blog, and I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you need details, I have a post about it coming out tomorrow. I hope you have an amazing day!


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