Bellisa Cafe | Morely

Bellisa Cafe is a little off the beaten track in the Morley area.

We had a look over the menu and were a little pushed for time so ordered as promptly as we could.
We ordered a coffee each and to eat, I decided on Shakshuka ($16) & Potato Cake ($4) while Mr. T wasn’t feeling very adventurous and went for Two Free Range Scrambled Eggs ($13) with a side of Bacon ($4).

The cafe was quite busy but it wasn’t busy enough to have to wait nearly 50 minutes for our food. As we were in a rush, I asked about our food on a few occasions and each time, I was told it wouldn’t be long.
It eventually arrived and it wasn’t worth the wait. The eggs were over cooked and being the main part of the dish, it didn’t make the dish as tasty as it looks. However, the Turkish bread and the spicy tomato sauce went well together.

Mr. T said that his dish was heavily salted and that he wouldn’t choose it a second time. Maybe we came on a morning that was too busy to perfect the dishes served.

To try out my favourite Scrambled Eggs, check out Typika in Claremont.

My Rating: ❤

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  1. We are very disappointed to hear that your experience at Bellisa Cafe wasn’t the best.
    We apologize that you had to wait because even on our busiest days we don’t like to make our customers wait. We hope that your experience won’t put you off to returning to Bellisa Cafe.
    We would love to see you back. We apologize and thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Thank You,
    Bellisa Cafe


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