Foam Coffee Bar | Leederville

It’s been some time since I’ve dined in Leederville so myself and Miss. D decided to stop on route home this bank holiday.


The cafe, like many in Leederville, was quite busy.
We took a seat inside until a table outside became available.
The breakfast menu was on until 2pm. During the week, it is normally on until 11am but as it was a long weekend, Foam Coffee Bar was working to it’s usual weekend hours…we were happy!

Miss. D decided to go for the Canadian Style Pancakes ($14) while I decided on the Breakfast Brushetta with Eggs ($16). Our food.was accompanied by two coffees of course.
I must also say that I was impressed with the prices at Foam Coffee Bar. For a cafe in such a fantastic location, they could charge so much more for their food, this is comparing it to other cafes in Leederville. In saying this, it’s nice to get delicious food with a cheaper price tag once in awhile.
Back to the food. Even though the cafe was busy, we didn’t wait to long for our food to arrive.
Miss. D was very happy with her pancakes. She is a big fan of cinnamon so the Canadian Style Pancakes were definitely a hit. Miss. D had never tried bacon with pancakes which was also a winner. They were light and fluffy and the portion size was great!


My dish was equally as delicious. The presentation was fantastic, I personally would have liked a little more dressing on the brushetta and I didn’t taste any garlic on the toast,  but that is a small criticism.
The eggs were well cooked and I enjoyed the dish.


I will definitely be back to Foam Coffee Bar and I look forward to trying the Oxford Omelette or the Eggs Florentine next time.

I would also recommend Cranked Coffee in Leederville for a delicious breakfast and great pancakes.

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤
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Thanks for reading! ♡


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