The Inglewood Hotel | Inglewood

The Inglewood Hotel seems to be quite the busy Sunday spot.

We were passing through and decided to stop off at the Inglewood Hotel. Phrgshbzokyr5b8uuymvy8a1csv1

The hotel bar and outdoor area were busy as we arrived. We managed to get a table outside under an umbrella.

The menu was our first point of call..of course!

We ordered our drinks as we browsed and ordered our drinks shortly afterwards.

Our wait for food was’t very long. I ordered the Bruschetta ($12) and was very disappointed with my dish. There were a few whole tomatoes, basil pesto and rocket. It didn’t look or taste like a traditional bruschetta so I passed it on to Mr. T to finish.image

Mr. T ordered himself a feast with the thought of sharing some of it with me. This is the Inglewood Plate ($38) and quite the platter! I was happy to share as much of this as I possibly could.

The chicken wings were my favourite part of the platter, the sticky marinade made these wings, I literally licked my fingers!

I am not normally a fan of sausage rolls but the spice combination was heavenly. The fresh breads and dips were also perfectly matched. All in all, I really enjoyed everything on the platter (expect the squid as I am allergic).


The Inglewood Beef and Guinness Pie ($ 20) was quite average. There was a huge lack of meat in the dish, however, the puff pastry was fresh and flaky.

 The Wagyu Beef & BLT Burger ($ 21) was welcomed on our table. I LOVE a burger with onion rings! The burger was juicy and tasty enclosed in a soft fresh bun.

I haven’t quite made up my mind about the Inglewood Hotel, maybe it needs another chance to impress me.

If you are a fan of a good meaty dish, I also recommend Hippo Creek African Grill in either Subiaco or Hillarys.

My Rating : ❤ ❤

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