Big Els Latin American Fusion | Northbridge

I booked dinner for two at Big Els Latin American Fusion  in  Northbridge on Saturday night for my partner’s birthday. He’s a huge fan of this type of food and we both love tapas.


I used the Dimmi app through Urbanspoon to create the booking, it was quick and easy and I received a confirmation email…very useful!

We arrived about ten minutes and noticed how busy it was straight away. Another couple stood in front of us awaiting the booking host so we ended up having to wait about 15minutes before we were greeted and asked for our booking details.
Eventually,  we were shown to a table at the back of the restaurant and given our menus.
We didn’t have to wait long for our order to be taken, the problem was choosing what to have. We have all been in a restaurant where you want one of everything..another one to add to this list.

We ordered two cocktails, I decided on Down the Rabbit Hole as it sounded rather fruity without being too sweet and the Breaking Bad fan went for The Heinsenberg.
We asked to receive the Dominican Republic StyleQueso Fresco Platter and Brazilian Style Coxinha first, followed by the rest of our choosen dishes.

About 15minutes later, our Dominican Republic StyleQueso Fresco Platter ($17) arrived first followed by our Piquin Beer Battered Fries ($6) . Not quite what we asked for but service seemed a little unorganised.
I asked about our drinks and thought that they may have been forgotten about and we were told that the bar was ‘very busy’.


The Dominican Republic StyleQueso Fresco Platter was very tasty. We both tried each of the cheeses, my favourite being the Camembert and Mr. T favoured the Brie. The chips were fresh and crunchy and perfect with the dips.
The Piquin Beer Battered Fries ($6) were nice but we wanted them as an accompaniment to our main courses.


Our drinks then arrived. It’s pretty easy to see which is which.



Next to arrive was the Mexican Hot Dog ($14). Athough the presentation was messy, Mr. T commented that it was ‘definitely in the Top 3’. The chilli con carne on the side had a kick of spice..just enough! I had to have a bite.


Next to arrive were the Brazilian Style Coxinha ($16) . They were soft and fluffy but didn’t have much flavour. On tasting the salsa accompanying it, I understood why it was there! I could have eaten it on its own.


To complete our order, Venezuelan Pabellón Criollo ($18) was the last dish to grace our table.
The pulled pork was tender, however, it was also flavourless. The black beans added flavour to the dish and as long as it was eaten together, the dish was ok.


We will return and have lower expectations for our second visit, I won’t be going dressed up on a Saturday night again. It’s definitely not a romantic night, more of a casual catch up with friends.

My Rating : ❤ ❤

Thanks for reading! ♡

Big Els Latin American Fusion on Urbanspoon

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