The Merrywell | Burswood

The Merrywell is a very popular part of the Crown Casino in Burswood.
It is perfectly situated across from the theatre so we make a quick decision to go there before going to see the show, Wicked.

I was astounded by the size of the outdoor and indoor seating areas. As we scrambled around the packed bar on the look out for a few table, it didn’t look like it was going to be possible. Eventually we found a table and sent the guys to the bar as we browsed the menu.
The guys took quite a while at the bar so we decided on the food for all four of us. We selected four dishes; Lollipop Buffalo Wings ($21), 2 x Merrywell Macho Pulled Pork Nachos ($22) and the Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers ($22).

On ordering the food, we were told there may be a half hour wait for food and as we weren’t in a rush, we were ok with that.
I really appreciate eateries that notify you about this as there is nothing worse than waiting for a lengthy period for your food without an explanation as to why it is happening.

Luckily, we waited about 15minutes for our food and we were more than happy when our dishes arrived.

The Lollipop Buffalo Wings were self explanatory when they arrived. The was a piece of exposed bone to grip as you ate the meat in the end. A very simple and clever idea!

The Macho Nachos…I thought I had died and gone to heaven! The pulled pork was flavoured, tender and there was so much of it across the dish. The nachos did not goo too soggy with the juices from the salsa and beans…this is a heavenly dish!

Last but not least, were the Wagyu Beef Burgers. On ordering, we were asked how we would like them cooked, medium was our preference. I was impressed that such small little burgers could be  consistently cooked. My only criticism of the dish is the comparison of the big bun compared to the small burger, and for $22, you would hope to get more than a mouthful of bread with each bite.

Overall, I am a huge fan of the variety on the menu and vow to come back to try out more dishes.

My Rating: ❤❤❤

Also in the casino is The Atrium. Quite different to The Merrywell as it is a buffet, check it out!
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Thanks for reading! ♡

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