Fiorentina | North Perth

Ms. D and I ventured to North Perth for a late breakfast. We had somewhere in mind but they had just finished serving breakfast so we stumbled upon Fiorentina.
We took a seat outside the busy restaurant and browsed the menu.


We ordered our drinks to begin. Ms. D ordered a fresh Chai Latte and I ordered my usual Latte.
The Chai Latte arrived beautifully presented, however, she commented that it was a little too milky for her liking.

There are a lot of great choices on the menu so after careful consideration, I decided on Eggs with Benefit and went for the salmon option ($18.50) and Ms. D favoured the Shakshuka ($18.50).

Shortly after, my Ms. D’s dish arrived. The presentation was beautiful and the fresh crunchy bread was an ideal accompaniment to mop up the tasty tomato sauce under the perfectly cooked eggs.

My dish soon followed. It was also a delicious choice. There was a generous serving of smoked salmon under two poached eggs smothered in a tasty hollandaise sauce.

It’s funny how we can stumble across an unfamiliar cafe and I’m glad we walked in Fiorentina. I am shocked to see that this establishment only has 47% on Urbanspoon (at the time of publishing) and I hope customers have the same experience we had.

My Rating: ❤❤❤

If this is your kind of food, you might want to check out Fez Cafe.

Fiorentina on Urbanspoon
Thanks for reading! ♡

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