Hello From Ireland

I am currently at home in Ireland…yippee!
I haven’t been home in nearly two and a half years so it has been a long awaited trip!


I am home this week with the company of one of the best friends I made while living in Melbourne. Megan is originally from California and has always wanted to visit Ireland so what better time to go. Unfortunately my partner couldn’t go so I couldn’t think of anyone better to travel home with.

After 26 hours flying we arrived to a rainy Dublin at 7.50am.
We picked up our luggage and headed for the car rental area before setting off.

If you are Irish or from the U.K., you will know know what Pennys/Primark is! It is a bigger and cheaper version of Australia’s Cotton On and great for everyday clothes with a few surprise items that you find yourself wearing on a night out. I’m not someone who needs the best brands filling up my wardrobe, if I like the clothes, I’ll buy it!
Anyway, this was our first stop in Swords…shopping after 26hrs of travelling..yes we did it! We also needed sim cards so the stop got a few things out of the way.

We are staying with my family in Monaghan so that was another 90 minute drive. Megan and I arrived around 1pm to a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich…heavenly!


My favourite part of the day was catching up with my brother and sisters and our night out together with a few close friends also.


The most interesting part of this day was the fact that I didn’t sleep during the day in Saturday and still made it out… I was very proud!

Yesterday pulled all of the family together for a lunch prepared by my Mum.
Like all Mum’s, she can cook!
We had homemade soup to start our feast followed by a roast lamb main course…wow!
No Irish dinner is complete unless it has at least three types of potatoes; mashed, garlic and roasted. My dinner doesn’t have gravy as I am one of those people who doesn’t like gravy..weird I know!


To finish the feast we had blueberry cheesecake..why did I not take a photo?
Admittedly, my family are not used to me snapping pictures of my food just yet.

We finished the day with a visit to Carrickmacross to visit more friends and have a hot whiskey to warm us up!


There was only one thing on the cards last night… a well needed early night and we are off on another adventure today!

Thanks for reading! ♡


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