Donegal’s Atlantic Drive

Being the tourists we are, we decided to make the two hour drive from my home house to postcard Ireland, Donegal.
We started our journey at Glenveagh National Park.


Visitors park in the car park about 2km from Glenveagh Castle. You have the option to purchase €3 return bus ticket or walk the 2km along the lake. As we had a busy day, we got the bus.


We started with a walk around the grounds of the castle. Visitors have the option to do a guided tour of the castle or explore the grounds accessible to the public.


As it was a beautiful morning, we decided to walk the 1.2km trail to the peak to check out the view of the lough and what a view it was!


In this picture, you can see how small the castle looks so imagine the steep climb to this viewing point.


The grounds of the castle are surrounded by beautiful gardens. At this time of the year, the flowers are in bloom, the streams are flowing and the air is fresh.



To finish our visit, we went for tea and a slice of tart in the castle Tea Rooms. The tea is a lot cheaper in Ireland at €1.80 and a slice of rhubarb tart was €3.95…it was delicious!


From here we started to make our way north to Atlantic Drive. Here are some of the pictures we took a long the way.


Fanad Head





It was a long drive but a beautiful one! My aim was to enjoy the scenery as well as taking photos and I think I did both!

Thanks for reading! ♡

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