Good Things | Mosman Park

Good Things is another hidden gem found recently in Mosman Park!
This time, the credit goes to Mr. T who trawled Urbanspoon for a new breakfast spot. He spotted a foodie pic he liked and the decision was made!

Good Things is a bright and airy cafe disguised amongst residential buildings in Mosman Park.
On arrival, the cafe looked busy with indoor and outdoor seating. We grabbed menus and a table.

Mr. T had already decided on the special he previously saw on Urbanspoon; Buttermilk popcorn chicken, poached egg, apple slaw, savoury waffle with maple hollandaise ($22) and an Orange Juice ($8).
I took a little longer to order and ended up settling on a go to dish… Lumberjack Beans ($18) and an English Breakfast Tea ( $4.20). I thought this a little expensive for a cup of tea considering it’s just tea and a coffee was $3.90.

I am a fan of the layout in Good Things, smaller tables around the outside of the cafe with a large communal table down the middle. I’ve noticed a lot of cafes featuring this kind of layout now.

Our drinks arrived first, my tea in a glass teapot and the juice with a reusable metal straw..clever presentation!


It wasn’t long until our food arrived. Mr. T’s was first to the table and his eyes lit up!
I thought it an unusual combination to have chicken,Ā waffles and a maple hollandaise sauce together but surprisingly, it worked very well together. The chicken was soft and tender and the waffles were light and fluffy. I wasn’t a fan of the maple hollandaise as I thought it tasted like a watered down sauce but Mr. T enjoyed it and it was his dish after all. The apple slaw had a good crunch and added texture to the dish.

My eyes also lit up as my dish was placed in front of me. It was a huge place of spicy beans, topped with perfectly poached eggs and unnecessary rocket. I would have loved more of the salsa, it was delicious and I quickly ran out as the plate was so big. The spicy beans were well cooked and the tomato sauce had a great consistency and was packed with flavour.
The soldiers were four freshly baked pieces of bread which I smothered in butter (terrible I know!).

To say that we were both happy with our food is an understatement. Had I been fit to eat it all over again, I would have! Next time, I am keen to try the Smashed Crispy Potatoes ($20).
My Rating : ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

If you like this, you might also like John Street Cafe in Cottesloe.

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