Piccolo’s Corner | West Leederville

I am SO excited to finally write this post. I have tried to dine in Piccolo’s Corner a few times but it always seems to be so busy so we have left and gone elsewhere. Finally, we got to have breakfast here!


A midweek visit at the perfect time of 11.30am meant we had a choice of where to sit. Previously, when we went to Piccolo’s Corner, there were no tables..which is always a good sign because my favourite type of venue is a full one.
We were greeted as we arrived and took our seat. After a quick look over the menu, our decisions were quickly made and we proceeded to order.

My final decision was between Piccolo’s  Breakfast ($19) and Piccolo’s Housemade Meatballs ( $21). They are both dishes I wanted to try but I considered the time and thought it a little early for meatballs and ended up choosing breakfast.
Mr. T decided on the same dish.

Ms. S.D made up her own dish ordering ciabatta, bacon, avocado and cream cheese.

Mr. A was straight in with the decision of Mushroom Bruschetta ($19).

We each matched our breakfasts with a coffee to wash it all down.


Now that ordering was finished, we could take in the atmosphere and decor of the indoors area.
Piccolo’s Corner is a family run business operated by two sisters. The decor reflects an old school taste with non matching tables are chairs positioned around the cafe. There were pictures around the walls, fresh flowers on the tables and my favourite part was the exposed brick wall behind the counter.

Our coffees were delivered with a smile and looked great!

Back to the food…the most important part!
First to arrive were the two Piccolo’s Breakfasts. The plate under my fabulous breakfast reminded me of the old school feel again!
My favourite part of this dish was the housemade spicy relish… I really wanted more of this relish, it was scrumptious so I stole some from the extra relish ordered by Ms. S.D.
The toasted ciabatta could not have been fresher and there was a bite for piece of the peppery poached eggs. Bacon is another breakfast favourite so I was pleased to see three generous pieces before me.
This is a simple but great dish, I just wish there was more of the amazing housemade relish!

Ms. S.D was also very happy with the arrival of her breakfast. She went as far as order extra housemade relish!
Ms. S.D was delighted with the fresh avocado and cream cheese that accompanied her bacon and toasted ciabatta.
Unusually, she is not a fan of eggs so this breakfast was perfect for her!

Mr. A wolfed down his breakfast!
The sauteed garlic mushrooms were soft and silky and covered the freshly toasted ciabatta.
Asparagus was a delicious element of this dish and the crunch complimented the softness of the mushrooms and poached egg which rested at the top of this mound of delicious food.

I am so happy to have finally got to visit Piccolo’s Corner and I definitely want to revisit as I really want to try out the Piccolo’s Housemade Meatballs.

If you are in the Leederville area, I would also check out Cranked Coffee for one of my favourite pancake spots.

My Rating : ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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