Caffissimo | Mount Lawley

Caffissimo is a small cafe located on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley. It is east to blend in with number of cafes in Mount Lawley but this one still manages to stick out on a street corner with outdoor seating.

We arrived for a late breakfast around 12.15pm on a Saturday afternoon,picked up a menu and grabbed a table for two indoors as it was quite a chilly afternoon.

After the delight of realising that Caffissimo serve breakfast until 3pm, I started the dreaded process of trying to make a choice on what I felt like eating. I knew I wanted something warm and hearty so my decision was between the Potato &Chorizo ($15) and the Cuban Breakie ($19). Me being me, I went with the dish that I thought would be filling and had clear choice was the Cuban Breakie.

Ms. D was stuck between the Cuban Breakie also and the Brushetta. In the end, she went for the Brushetta and added chicken to the dish.

We both ordered coffee to go with breakfast and to also warm up!


A jug of water was delivered to our table and it was shortly followed by our coffees.


As we sat and chatted, our food shortly arrived. We were both very happy with the presentation of our food.

My choice ticked all the boxes I was looking for, it was filling, warm and hearty and had lots of beans!
There were small chunks of smoked pancetta through the Cuban beans and I hunted them out after finding the first one!
The Spanish chorizo was amazing and there was a huge piece on my plate. The other meaty element on the plate was the pulled pork shoulder and what a divine element it was!
The toasted multi grain bread held the poached eggs and were the final parts of the dish.
Overall, I loved the Cuban Breakie. I cannot fault anything on the plate and I was hugely satisfied as I finished my breakfast.


Ms. D choose something quite a healthy option with her brushetta. There were two pieces of freshly toasted ciabatta with a coating of pesto and salsa. This, to me, was not a typical brushetta as there was not a lot of tomato on the dish but pesto is one of those elements that everyone loves and enjoys!
The chicken was tender and juicy and very well seasoned. It was topped with avocado, diced tomato and dressed rocket. Ms. D was very happy with her disband said she would happily order it again.


If you are in the Mount Lawley area, I would also recommend Fez Cafe which is within walking distance.

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

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5 thoughts on “Caffissimo | Mount Lawley

  1. My only issue with Caffissimo in Mt Lawley is that they put some of their tables and chairs outside on what could/should be the wheelchair access to their cafe. My husband and I were dining out the front one day and we had to literally half lift a man in his wheelchair down the step because there were tables blocking the ramp. Nice food and otherwise good service, but very poor form in the disabled access front.


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