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I decided a revisit to Lot Six Zero was due following my first visit a few months ago.

It was somewhat an occasion as Ms. S.D has now deserted me and moved back to Ireland so we called it our Last Supper…well it was lunch!

We picked up a menu on our way to a table. It was busy but there were a few free tables for lunch.

We took a seat and browsed the lunch menu. My decision was between the Brioche Sliders ($20) and the Pulled Pork Baguette ($18). I went with the Pulled Pork Baguette but asked if I could substitute the white baguette for multi grain bread and leave out the slaw as I’m not a fan of raw onions or red cabbage.
Ms. S.D debated between the Brioche Sliders ($20) and the Grilled Chicken Breast Wrap ($16) and went for the Brioche Sliders.

There is a nice atmosphere in Lot Six Zero and we chatted over our table as we waited for our food.
Ms. S.D’s food arrived first and the three little sliders looked equally delicious!

Ms. S.D said her favourites were the Pulled Beef and Pulled Pork sliders. The Chicken Slider was over powered by the four slices of cheese. Put it like this, they didn’t spend too long on Ms. S.D’s so I take that as a good sign.

For the second time, I was disappointed with my dish. It arrived covered in the slaw I asked to be left off the plate. I had to asked for a side plate and deconstruct the sandwich. The pulled pork was very tasty which I was happy with. It was tender and juicy and I was happy I could eat it on multi grain bread. There was a large serve of fries on the side, enough for two. They were served with aoili which I used to add more flavour to the Pulled Pork Sandwich.

After two visits, I’m not sure if it’s what I am ordering that I am not satisfied with my dish or I’m just unlucky. I have many places I still want to try before returning to Lot Six Zero.

My favourite breakfast place in this area is Pizzaca.

My Rating : ❤ ❤

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Thanks for reading! ♡

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