What • I • Wore

So what might one wear to a smart casual brunch on a Sunday afternoon with friends?


Sunday is my favourite day of the week!
It’s the day I go off and do something with my partner…it usually involves going for brunch but I still enjoy it.

I must also add that I recently had a huge chunk taken off my hair and this is the first time I wore it down. I had very long hair and asked for a ‘trim’ and had a lot more taken off than I asked for… I was extremely unimpressed and in complete fear of scissors at the hair salon!


What I Wore:
Top: Primark (€12/$17) //Jeans: Zara ($35) //
Shoes: Primark (€18/$25) //Watch: Michael Kors

What is Primark?
We don’t have Primark here in Australia.. unfortunately! It was my go to shop at home in Ireland to pick up everyday items as well as the surprise items that really makes you smile!

The shoes though….
These shoes are huge in shops in Europe, which means that they will be right on scene here for next Spring/Summer as we are a few seasons behind in Australia!
I’m excited to get experimenting more with my wardrobe now thar I have something new and quirky in it!

Thanks for reading! ♡

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