The Queens | Highgate

We made our way to Mount Lawley for a late breakfast to a popular breakfast spot that was way too busy when we arrived. We decided to take a short walk to The Queens.


Our brunch was around 12.30pm and on looking at the menu, the Hot Balls ($15) were jumping off the page… a breakfast dish was immediately out of my head. I looked down the menu for something to go with the Hot Balls and after deliberating between the Beer Battered Chips and the Wedges, I decided on the Wedges ($11).

Mr. T was set on having breakfast so taking a leaf out of my book, he went with the Chorizo & Beans and added two poached eggs to his dish ($20). I pictured a never ending hearty plate of beans and sliced chorizo arriving at our table and wondered if I should have went for an old favourite…hmmmm!


After ordering, we had time to take in our surroundings. The Queens has a lot of intentional exposed brick internally giving the place ‘that’ old feeling. There is a fireplace on the ground floor that blasted heat from the open fire. Strangely, there was a fireplace above it and a little to the right of kept catching my eye.

Our drinks arrived soon, they were accompanied by crunchy little cookies on the side..quite a nice touch!

image image

We didn’t wait very long for our food to arrive and first was Mr. T’s Chorizo & Beans and Poached Eggs.

The grilled ciabatta crunched with every bite. The homemade beans were tasty and there was a very generous serving of both the beans and chorizo on the plate. The dish was finished off with the poached eggs ordered on the side and Mr. T said that they completed the dish. He said that he felt that it would have been a small dish without the eggs but I guess it depends how hungry you are.image

My food arrived a few moments later and I could not wait to tuck into the Hot Balls. How amazing do they look! I carefully sliced open the first ball and my eyes widened as the cheese came oozing out. It barely touched the plate before I scooped it up and took my first bite.

It was one of those moments when you choose your eyes to tighten the other senses to really enjoy what you are feasting on! The chimichurri dipper reminded me of a pesto style dip, there was something that separated it from a pesto though. The hotness of the ball was hugely complimented by the fresh chimichurri, I just can’t think of any better way to describe these Hot Ball than mouthwatering!

The wedges unfortunately we’re not to the same standard, they oozed grease so I didn’t eat very many of them.


Check out that oozing cheese!

In the Mount Lawley area I would also recommend Fez Cafe and Caffissimo.

My Rating : ❤ ❤ ❤

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Thanks for reading! ♡

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