Old Laundry Bar & Eatery | North Perth

Second time lucky and I finally get to have breakfast at the Old Laundry.

We arrived around 11.15am and got in for breakfast by the skin of our teeth! We were told to make sure we ordered before 11.25am as this was the time for last orders.

Most tables were taken, both indoors and outdoors, but, there were a few spots available at a long breakfast bar along the front window. We were happy to sit there, we could check out what was happening on the street as well as catch up on ‘the gossip’.


Firstly, we had to make a quick decision on what to order. When I am in a panic, I always go back to my old reliables; Eggs Benedict or Baked Eggs. As soon as I spotted Moroccan Oven Baked Eggs ($17), I was immediately drawn to ithowever, the Old Laundry Green Eggs & Ham ($21) caught my eye. I’ll keep that on my reserve list for next time as I definitely hope to revisit The Old Laundry.

Ms. D also liked the sound of the Moroccan Oven Baked Eggs ($17) and the Sweet Potato  & Chorizo Hash ($19) and she went for the Sweet Potato & Chorizo Hash as her final decision.

We also ordered two lattes to go with our breakfast and they were shortly delivered.

We took in the fresh vibes of The Old Laundry as we chatted and awaited our glorious food. The staff were friendly and welcoming to all customers and seemed happy at work, this attitude contributes highly to the atmosphere of a venue.

Our food arrived shortly, I was impressed with how busy the place was and the fact that we didn’t have to wait too long for our breakfast.

First to grace the table was Ms. D’s Sweet Potato  & Chorizo Hash. It was visually warm and appealing with the fried egg sitting on top of the warm and glossy sweet potato chunks and spicy chorizo. The egg sat on the flavoursome caramelised onion jam and fresh green spinach. The portion was generous and the dish was well made and clearly made by a passionate chef. This was a warm, hearty and filling dish that I hope to order another time when I revisit.

Excitement and impatient are two words to describe how I was feeling as I waited for my dish. I thought to myself..maybe Ms. D will share her breakfast while I wait. In saying this, I probably waited about 40seconds but it felt like 40minutes as I ogled over those sweet potato chunks.

My dish was equally as delicious and is definitely up there with the best baked eggs I’ve eaten in Perth! Now that’s a statement!

The dish was mainly comprised of the baked beans and chickpeas, there was a pretty equally amount of both smothered in an intensely flavoured tomato sauce. There was a fantastic punch of spice in the tomato sauce also. Eggs are the perfect, and a usual element to this dish, and both were perfectly cooked. The yellow yolk slowly slithered over the tomato sauce as I broke it…yum! What a dish, I struggled to finish my breakfast but I found myself not wanting to leave anything behind. In the end, the dish won and I could not finish it.

The Old Laundry was worth the wait and I vow to return again. It is the perfect place to catch up with a friend, enjoy good coffee and food, and leave feeling satisfied.

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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