The Squire’s Fortune | Scarborough

The Squire’s Fortune is the latest bar and eatery to join the social strip in Scarborough.


Miss. D and I decided to take a short trip to Scarborough for our weekly breakfast date.
Miss. D has been to The Squire’s Fortune before and enjoyed her breakfast so it was worth a visit.
It was pretty quiet so we had a choice of seating and choose a high table that gave us a view of the beach also.

I had a browse over the menu and the Salmon Muffin ($17) and the Benedict ($18) caught my eye. I haven’t had eggs benedict in quite awhile so I went with it!

Ms. D had the Whole Grain Pancakes ($15) on her last visit and they were so good that she ordered them again.
As usual, we ordered two coffees ($4) with our breakfast.


The Squire’s Fortune is the perfect place to watch the world go by while sitting close to the beach. It is quite a large venue and in a prime location on the beach front.
As we sat and chatted our coffees arrived.


Miss. D was first to receive her breakfast.
The main part of the dish was the short stack of pancakes. I tasted the pancakes and they were fluffy and filling, and the maple bourbon butter sauce was nicely drizzled over the top and added a little extra flavour. An egg and bacon are always a perfect accompaniment with pancakes so this was a pretty good dish overall. Although it looks like a small portion, Miss. D was unable to finish them and that’s got to be a good sign.


My dish arrived shortly after that.
On its arrival, I remembered why I used to always order eggs benedict, I guess I’ve missed it!
The soft poached eggs sat on top of lightly smoked bacon and fresh spinach. The base of the dish was a soft floury bun, it was delicious. The dish was draped in a creamy hollandaise sauce with fresh cracked pepper.
I really enjoyed the dish and I would definitely order it again.


I hope to revisit The Squire’s Fortune for lunch or dinner at a later date. I am a fan of Squire’s beer and cider so a lunch/dinner date means I could swap my coffee for a cold drink.

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

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