Recipe: Recreating Brushetta

On a recent venture to Caffissimo in Mount Lawley, a delicious Bruschetta dish crossed our table and I decided that I wanted to recreate it.


My version of this dish was easy to recreate.


2tbspn Coles basil pesto
1 Fresh multigrain ciabatta
Fresh spinach
2 Chicken Fillets sliced into strips
Jamie Olivers Sticky Chilli & Balsamic Glaze

For the salsa!
1 diced tomato
1 small onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic, diced
2tbspn of Latasha’s Kitchen chilli oil

β€’Season the chicken strips before grilling.

β€’While the chicken is under the grill, combine the ingredients to make the salsa.
The chilli oil was part of a package received from blogger The Chef and His Perthfect Wife. It added a little kick to the salsa as well as moisture.

β€’3-4 minutes before the chicken is cooked through, grill the ciabatta.

β€’When completed, start the assembly by smearing the ciabatta with basil pesto, followed by the fresh spinach.

β€’At this point, I drizzled the spinach with the glaze to pack in more flavour.

β€’Top with the sliced chicken and followed by the salsa made earlier.

This dish was delicious!
It was quick and easy to make and reasonably healthy. I left out the cheese to make my version a little healthier but as always, it could be even healthier by leaving out the glaze and oil.

Have fun making this dish!

Thanks for reading! β™‘

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