Little Willys | Northbridge

Little Willys is a small breakfast spot in Northbridge. After reading all of the reviews online, I must admit that my expectations were quite high.

Photo credit to A Weekend Chef

We arrived at a perfect time as a table was leaving. The venue is quite small with a small amount of indoor and outdoor space for patrons. The menu is hugely visible on the wall, I would describe the food as simple and affordable.

I decided on the Omelette with toast and the Salmon & Feta option ($15) and Mr. T went for the Bacon & Egg Bagel ($12.50). Mr. G went for Eggs on Toast with Bacon ($15.50) and Mr. K went for Eggs on Toast with Bacon and Mushrooms ($19.50).

We were told there would be a 20minute wait for food as we ordered, after 35minutes our food started to arrive. I ordered the Omelette with Salmon and Feta..there is nowhere on the menu to say that it is a sweetcorn omelette. There was more sweetcorn than egg and I hate sweetcorn, there was no eating around it. I think there should be a little more detail on the menu board. I couldn’t have been more disappointed after such a long wait, to receive this as my meal.

On the other hand, Mr. T’s bagel barely touched the plate. He said that the bagel was fresh and tasty and the bacon and eggs were perfectly cooked. His favourite part of the bagel was the tomato chutney that brought the flavour to the plate and tied the dish together.

Mr. G is a huge fan of scrambled eggs so he knew exactly what he wanted when he looked at the menu. The bacon was quite a small portion while beside the scrambled eggs. The eggs were the hero of the dish,they were soft and fluffy!

Mr. K went for a similar dish with a few variations. The poached eggs oozed yellow as soon as they were broken. The mushrooms were soft and juicy and quite a generous portion.
Again,the bacon was a small portion but nicely cooked with crunchy fat along the edges.

Unfortunately,I didn’t have the experience others had but if simple food in Northbridge is what you are after, Little Willys is the place to go. It didn’t tick all the boxes for me as I have never left my breakfast…ever!

Somewhere worth visiting in Northbridge is the Little Bird Cafe.

My Rating : ♥ ♥ (Based on the other dishes)

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5 thoughts on “Little Willys | Northbridge

  1. Isn’t it disappointing when main ingredients aren’t listed for the actual dish. I had the same drama a few weeks ago, I ordered a meal and it was Marinated so badly in mint that wasn’t descripted and I am not the biggest mint fan so it ruined my meal!

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