Ootong & Lincoln | South Fremantle

This cafe is situated on a street corner in South Fremantle. Ootong & Lincoln was choosen by a work college visiting from Melbourne who was staying close by the cafe.

The cafe is not in the heart of Fremantle but already attracts many midweek lunch diners, who knows what will happen in the coming months/years.

My first impression on walking through the door was WOW….it was so noisy inside! There were a few free tables but I couldn’t wrap my head around the volume.We decided to sit outside so we could chat and enjoy the winter sunshine.

We took a look over the menu and had the choice between ordering from the breakfast or lunch menu..this of course made our choices a little harder.

I was torn between the Potato Cake ($19) from the breakfast menu and the Smoked Paprika Burger ($18) from the lunch menu but in the end, I went with the Potato Cake from the breakfast menu. I couldn’t turn down the option of hollandaise eggs and salmon…how could I?

Ms. C changed her mind on ordering and went with a daily special, Chicken Curry, from the display fridge inside.

We also picked up an English Breakfast Tea ($4) and a Latte($3.80) to drink. I was quite surprised that the tea cost more than the coffee considering the elements of each drink, but each to their own.

My coffee arrived and I loved it but it was quite small. Ms. C was happy with her English Breakfast also.


First to arrive was Ms. C’s Chicken Curry. She had a craving for a rice dish and was more than happy with her dish as she made her way through it. It may look like a small dish but it definitely was not small!

The chicken was tender, juicy and coated in a mildly spicy sauce. The dish was topped with thinly sliced zucchini and fresh parsley.


A few moments later, my Potato Cake arrived. I was visually attracted to the dish and the array of colours immediately. The potato cake was golden brown and packed with herbs and flavour. It sat on a generous bed of fresh green spinach and had beautifully fresh salmon draped over it. This was further topped with two perfectly poached eggs with a small coating of a creamy hollandaise sauce.
Honestly, I enjoyed every bite of this dish! Out of greed for the flavour, I wanted to order this dish again, however, I was full.


What a breakfast. Two very satisfied customers left Ootong & Lincoln and I hope to revisit.
If you are travelling from the city to Perth, I would recommend Good Things in Mosman Park.

Thanks for reading! ♡

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