Kettle | Victoria Park

Kettle Cafe is a cafe located just off the highway and worth the detour.
There is a lot of parking outside which is also a bonus for a busy cafe.


The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating with a variety of large communal tables and small group tables.
We grabbed a menu from the counter and picked a table.
On looking around the cafe I matched some of the dishes to the menu options.
I had to make a decision between the Pulled Lamb and the One Pot Egg and Fill Up dishes. In the end, I went for the One Pot Egg ($17) as I haven’t had a dish like this in awhile.
Mr. T made the quick decision for the seventh option on the menu, the Hollandaise Eggs on Rye Bread and went with the option to add salmon ($20).

I ordered at the counter and addeda large latte and a fresh berry smoothie to complete our order.


As always, our drinks arrived first. My latte arrived in a perfectly sized mug that lasted long enough to read the newspaper.
The smoothie was light and creamy and dominately tasted of blueberries.


First to arrive was my dish. It looked delicious and on first taste,it didn’t disappoint.
There was a hot spice on the back of the palate with each bite.
This dish wasn’t definitely big enough for two eggs as I found it got a little sickening due to the amount of vegetables which were dominately capsicums. I had hoped for a balance of all vegetables but I still enjoyed the dish.
The chorizo pieces wee quite large and delicious. I used the fresh bread to mop up the juices.

Mr. T’s dish looked equally as appetising! He is still following his avocado craving and there was a perfect amount on this dish.
The avocado was topped with spinach and fresh salmon slices. This dish was finished with two poached eggs and a creamy hollandaise sauce.
Mr. T was very satisfied with his dish and said that he would order it again.

If I were to return, I would like to try out the lamb dish. Thanks for a tasty breakfast!

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thanks for reading! ♡


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