Architects and Heroes | Subiaco


This is a revisit to Architects and Heroes in Subiaco.

I read on the Facebook page that there is a new chef,I was keen to see what he/she brought to the table…literally!

Since my previous visit, there have been changes to the menu and I must say, I struggled to pick something I wanted from their winter menu. Last time, I couldn’t decide so this is a different experience.
In the end, there was nothing that appealed to me so I went with Eggs on Toast with Bacon & Hash Browns ($20).
Mr . T is on a bit of an avocado binge at the moment and went for the Smashed Avocado on Toast ($18).

To drink, I really just wanted a cup of tea but there was no English Breakfast Tea on the menu. Mr. T ordered and asked for something similar, I got tea that was lukewarm and couldn’t add milk to it. It was definitely not what I asked for.

It took quite a long time for our food to arrive, first was Mr. T’s breakfast.
He quite enjoyed the spice in the avocado and cream cheese. The bacon was well cooked and quite a generous portion.

Overall, the dish wasn’t anything special and there was no great desire to order it again!


My dish arrived and looked good. As soon as I cut into the hash brown, oil seaped out and I took one bite and decided not to eat it. I felt that one of the eggs were undercooked so I didn’t eat that either. Again, the bacon was well cooked and the toast was pretty standard.

Unfortunately, this was not a spectacular dish when comparing it to my revisit visit and the standard of the food. For $20, this was ridiculously overpriced for very average food.


Overall, we were both very unimpressed with the winter menu compared to my previous summer visit. Both dishes were average and simple and overpriced so unless the menu changes and improves, I won’t be returning. When I visited previously, Architects and Heroes had a rating of 4.2 , it is currently 3.3 (5.8.15) so hopefully the problems are soon rectified.

I haven’t quite thought of a new favourite in Subiaco as Architects and Heroes always took the title. For something close by that has never disappoints is Piccolo’s Corner.

My Rating: ♥ ♥

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Thanks for reading! ♡


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